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For conditions where distance is a aspect, our very best HDMI to VGA Cable is our unique Belden Sequence-one, a 23.5 AWG cable. The Collection-one is fairly thick and stiff, which is a disadvantage in terms of installation ease, but performs greater more than length than something else we have seen. It is accredited underneath HDMI one.3a (CTS 1.3b and b1) at the longest distances of any cable we know of--45 ft for Category 1, twenty five feet for Group 2. In true use, it ordinarily will work at distances exceeding these--we have operate 1080p video by way of a a hundred twenty five foot cable without any info reduction, but results will range relying on the capabilities of the sending and getting circuits of the products in use. Like the Collection-F2, this cable makes use of Belden's patented bonded-pair technological innovation and the HDMI to VGA Cable stock is manufactured at Belden facilities in Kentucky and Indiana.Go through far more information, or look at specs, on our BJC Collection-1 Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable
Occasionally, the greatest value for the cash is the very best solution you can uncover but often, it is the least costly item you can uncover. For individuals a lot more inclined to the latter than the former, we now supply Tartan model HDMI cables. These occur in two sorts: tin-plated-copper 24 AWG, CL2 rated cables, and large-flex, tin-plated-copper 28 AWG cables (not CL2). The cable inventory arrives from Copartner and from LTK, each foremost Chinese manufacturers of HDMI and DVI cable. In the situation of the 24 AWG Tartan HDMI to DVI cables, we may possibly substitute our original HDMI to VGA CableDVI to HDMI Cable is the very same cable kind and termination, other than that the conductors are silver-plated instead of tinned for marginally greater attenuation.

As with all of our items, we offer a straightforward and easy return plan. If for any reason you're not completely happy, just return the cables, undamaged, inside of thirty days and we'll refund your purchase cost in total.