Overview of Index Generator by Armand Morin

I used to be among the earliest users of Directory Generator before it launched publicly August 26, 2004, so Ive had just a little head start in testing it.

Allow me to give you a little history info first:

Listing Generator is a software product that can create numerous keyword-targeted webpages. The point is to help you get targeted visitors to your site so you can make more sales or generate profits. Dig up supplementary information on our affiliated paper - Visit this URL: save on.

I used to be among the earliest users of Directory Generator before it introduced publicly August 2-6, 2004, so Ive had a little head-start in testing it.

I would like to give you a little back ground information first: In late 2003, new traffic generating application seemed called Traffic Equalizer. I have to confess I knew nothing about this until recently. My guess as to why is that it is mentioned mostly among large entrepreneurs, and probably mostly at workshops.

Its just like Armand Morin to attempt to create a surfboard ride the traffic pc software wave and even. And thats what Directory Generator is.

It's said to be comparable to pc software for example Traffic Equalizer, Ranking Power, and Traffic Hurricane, which allows you to get precise traffic by pages that get large search engine rankings. The huge difference is, like most of what Armand does, the results are more professional-looking and classier.

Of-the earlier mentioned programs, Traffic Hurricane could be the only 1 that is free. Why pay for this other application when you can have it free? Since your Traffic Hurricane pages may have someone elses Google AdSense adverts on your pages, earning money to them off your traffic. Given that I've Directory Generator, I dont need somebody else making profits from my traffic unless theyre going to pay part to me of it. Selfish, arent I? One other thing: Im amazed no one recognized this but Google doesnt let Adsense rule to be added to pages perhaps not held by you, so someone might be got by the way this is set up in-to trouble.

I know what youre thinkingYeah, thats good but can Directory Generator really make targeted traffic? Absolutely! The first site I made up of Directory Generator is gradually gaining Google AdWords money every single day without me doing a thing. I-t took 30 days for traffic and profits to really start kicking in. I dont want this to seem like nonsense but this will be the best money Ive made so far. Even so the 2nd site I made isnt doing squat. But that just tells no such thing to me: Theres as a sure thing. The domain name you choose and keywords you target will make a huge difference. Nevertheless the second website also hasnt been up as long, so well see what happens

Am I going to get rich off the amount of money its generating? No, or can someone leave their job with it, but at the rate its working I'd earn the $250 price straight back promptly. My purpose was to first generate the domain payment back and I did. Your website is listed in Google, but gets no traffic from there. The majority of the traffic originates from other search engines. Look out, if it had numerous pages spidered by Google!

Ive heard through the grapevine of numerous people making 4-figure regular incomes from sites created with traffic-generating software. And Ive heard of anyone earning a six-figure income. For now, this test tells me that this software actually does work.

Heres a bit secret: Nobody who uses traffic generating pc software can tell you their url. Thats because they dont want people ripping off their successful website. So that you must purchase the software to see the websites it provides. At $250 a pop, thats a pricey test.

What would you do with the traffic it creates?

1. Be taught further on an affiliated URL by visiting ipas2 marketing. To get other viewpoints, consider checking out: ipas2 review article. You generate Google Adsense profits (this feature is made in to the software).

2. You can add SearchFeed (you cant add both. Google doesnt allow it).

3. You could add a Linkshare advertising to generate extra commissions.

4. The modern version enables you to generate Amazon commissions. To study additional info, please consider looking at: ipas2 system.