Easy and Effective Ways to Make Quartz Countertops Brilliant

Have you used your quartz countertops for a long time? Is it still glossy as before? If yes, then get some ways to make your quartz stone countertops shining again.

Different from other natural stone surface, quartz stone countertops requires low maintenance. Quartz surface is harder, and more durable than marble stone and granite stone, and do not require polishing and sealing.

Before you start the work , there are some things you will need, including mild soap, soft cloth, mild cleaners, vinegar, water spray and maybe the desired antibacterial spray or wipes.

Polishing the quartz stone everyday for a brilliant shine surface by yourself. Squirt the mild soap, water on the top, use the soft cloth to wipe it.

And then, Spray the surface with some vinegar and water to get rid of the streaks on dark surfaces. That is an environmentally-friendly solution. 25% vinegar and 75% water would be a perfect proportional allocation. Spray the vinegar and water on some sticky area and then wipe it with a paper towel.

For those light-color quartz countertops, please use the clear spray cleaners to get the best results.

After you put some raw meats, seafood, poultry or fish on the quartz countertops, at first you can use the paper towel to wipe up the residual moisture and debris. Get another paper towel and spray cleaner to clean it.

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