Tips For Buying Pad Washer For Your Cars

Tips For Buying Pad Washer For Your Cars

The Universal Pad Washer is incredible! It prolongs the life of your pads, saves you time when cleaning up, and it works with any polisher. If you are in search of a convenient and efficient way to clean buffing pads no matter what kind of polisher you have the Pad Washer is exactly what you've been looking for. The Pad Washer uses the power of your polisher to thoroughly clean your polishing pads – quickly and easily.


Cleaning your buffing pads can be a time consuming exercise, however the Pad Washer makes light work of them and will probably do a better job than you can do by hand! The way it works, is the power from your machine does the scrubbing for you. You simply insert the machine into the pad washer and onto the cushioned cleaning grid. Push the spring loaded grid down until the pad makes contact with the water, and turn the machine on its lowest setting. The downward force pumps water upward to help clean the pad.


The Pad Washer cleans all types of buffing pads and on all types of machines. There is no other cleaner like it and this machine will save you hours of time and effort cleaning your foam and wool pads not to mention save you money for the long term with improved buffing pad durability. The Universal Pad Washer can be use not only with circular machines, but also with dual action and random orbital machines to quickly and easily clean your pads.


CAR CARE TOOLS Pad Washer makes it simple to clean foam and wool pads without even taking them off the polisher! The rotation of the polisher against the pad washer’s grid insert releases caked-on polishes from pads in just minutes. Use the pad washer with dual action and rotary machines. Our Pad Washer works with pads of all sizes. This makes it quick and easy to clean buffing pads after every detail.


Pad Washer is the best car care product which helps to clean the pad easily and that clean pad gives the best towards car washing and provides a beautiful looks to the car. So start applying pad washer for your car care!