Electric Fence: A Remarkable Safeguard System

It is important to safeguard property, assets or animals from intruders and electric fencing is a great idea to do so. It offers 800 volt impulse shock in one second and is therefore, helpful in keeping intruders away. Secondly, an alarm is also attached to it, which buzzes when these fires are earthed or hit by any object. Looking into the benefits of security offered, electric fencing is considered to be most suitable for offices, homes, farms and other building complexes.

There are few components that are needed to install electric fence around an area. The first important component is electric fence energizer that produces around 8000 volt impulse every second. It is used to convert power to high voltage pulse. There is capacitor with LED alarm indicator and audible alarm. In addition to it, there are support brackets, aluminium wires, insulators, joiners, brackets, isolators and tensioners. At one end, there is alarm that buzzes as soon as these wires get hit by anything while at other end, there is LED indicator that lights on, when pulse fires through the fence to indicate that fence is live.