Video: Watch The King of Red Lions Make Waves in Hyrule Warriors Legends

Red Lion.pngHe needs the training

The King of Red Lions is a pretty quirky character, even by Nintendo requirements. It. To get more relating to the most up to date jailbreaking technologies concerning Nintendo Console; visit this site .is a chatting boat just after all, and... well, just perform The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker High definition to capture up.

Of course, Hyrule Warriors Legends variety of gives the tale away - to a diploma - by advantage of featuring the character in his human-esque type. As stated through the leading programmer group regarding R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS from .As you can see in the images over he's a nicely-created fellow, as well, so can no doubt advantage from running about vanquishing hundreds of foes.

Koei Tecmo has now kindly introduced a new trailer demonstrating the hero in action, which offers us a great seem at his special moves and transformations into boat form. It appears to be like quite cool, and we need to also remind you that the new material in the 3DS video game will be offered in the Wii U authentic too - that is a little something to be thrilled about.

So, test it out below and permit us know what you think.