Top 10 iTunes Options to Transfer Music Between Computer and iPhone

If you uses Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod etc, iTunes is just one program name which may appear continuously. iTunes is actually an Apple product or program which helps you to transfer files and sync data in between your computer and Apple devices or between Apple devices. This platform they can double to create some forms of purchases like music and podcast purchase. Some people realize its required to use iTunes a high level Apple user, the simple truth is, there are various other amazing alternatives to itunes whereby it is possible to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

iTunes can be downloaded both on the Apple tool and computer to help make the transfer possible by connecting your device via USB. There are various Apple device owners on this planet who consider iTunes a very complicated and cumbersome program and keep seeking some alternatives. In the following paragraphs, we shall familiarize you with both paid and free alternatives to itunes and definitely will cause you to be familiar with their features and functionalities. This will assist to identify a a lot better program than iTunes for your future transfer needs between devices.

2 JRiver media center
3 Sharepod
4 AnyTrans
5 PodTrans Pro
7Media monkey
8Foobar 2000

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