The Duggar Family America's Creepiest Family? A ReSounding, YES!!!

Here what I wrote 7 years ago: One word, "yeech". Has anyone seen this show? They are so icky. Always smiling and patient, with 19 kids yet. Apparently, they are supporting themselves and their children and are not on the public dole. Their children are well-mannered and behaved and I have never seen Mr. or Mrs. Duggar ruffled, harried, unpleasant, and scowling; or smacking or yelling at their kids - in other words they are just not normal like the rest of us parents who are on occasion harried and unpleasant. Who scowl, yell, and been known to smack one of our kids when they had it coming. I keep waiting for one of them to snap and just reach around and slap one of those kids, or scream, or