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When evaluating kinetic luminescence signals (see above) with fluorescence-based techniques, the luminescence is comparable towards the slope with the fluorescence signal.What are the advantages of DCFH2? DCF yields a strong fluorescence signal. The excitation and emission spectra of DCF are shut to those of fluorescein and thereby compatible with all common gear for fluorescence detection. DCFH2 is commercially out there in quite a few varieties, (i) a no cost compound, (ii) a membrane permeable diacetate (DCFH2-DA) for cell loading, which enters cells and gets trapped immediately after hydrolysis by cellular esterases, or (iii) an amine reactive derivative, 2��,7��-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate, succinimidyl ester for covalent labelling of proteins or particles.When phagocytes are loaded with DCFH2-DA and stimulated with phagocytic particles, the presence of ROS while in the cytosol is often detected by flow cytometry [31]. The oxidation of cytosolic DCFH2 through phagocytosis is possibly resulting from H2O2 that diffuses throughout the phagosomal membrane. This diffusion will take time, and from the presence of myeloperoxidase which consumes H2O2, an estimated 6% from the phagosomal H2O2 manufacturing will leak out of the phagosome [32]. The cellular antioxidant defence will further dampen the signal, while other cellular sources of ROS for instance mitochondria may also generate a DCF signal. However, the technique offers information and facts over the single cell degree as well as the standard time course of ROS manufacturing [33].To investigate the phagosomal ROS manufacturing, the dye must be limited on the phagosome, which might be achieved by covalent labelling with DCFH2-DA succinimidyl ester. This has become to start with applied to label BSA, which was then mixed with anti-BSA antibodies and internalized as antigen-antibody immune complexes [34]. These reagents are now commercialized as Fc OxyBURST Green reagent (Molecular Probes/Invitrogen). Later on, larger particles for example bacteria, beads [35], zymosan [36], or heat-killed Saccharomyces cerevisiae [23] have been labelled. A current publication also reviews productive labelling of dwell bacteria with DCFH2-DA succinimidyl ester [37]. DCFH2-labelled particles are certainly not only suitable for flow cytometry but additionally for microscopy which include video microscopy with residing cells. Consequently, the kinetics of phagosomal ROS production might be analyzed over the level of personal phagosomes.