How To Learn SEO Step By Step?


If you learn Search Engine optimization before you have must basic idea of HTML, CSS, PHP.

INew to SEO? I say you some important SEO tools. Search Engine Spider Simulator - Check how your site will be crawled by a search engine web crawler.

Keyword Density Checker - Check your keyowrds density on your web page using this outstanding tool.

Keyword Selector Tool - you can use this tool to invent many keywords fro your site.

Keyword Suggestion Tool - A tool from google which suggest you various keywords when you type a word.

HTML/XHTML Validator - Check if your site is compliance to W3C standard or not.

Useful Books on SEO.

If you learn SEO step by step you must take help google search. Than get more tutorial.please visit to this sites I be-live that this site must help you to learn SEO step by step.

take cake.

Wish you good luck.