Natural Herbal Energy Boosters To Build Inner Strength Of Body

Growing children require a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates and even a regulated dose of fat. By 25, the body achieves a specified growth, and from the age of 30 the body just uses the energy we get through our diet to manage everyday energy requirements of the body. During teen age taking a heavy big meal may not make one feel excessively full but people above 30 may get exhausted after taking a high fat diet because the body uses its energy to digest the meal instead of providing energy.

Taking processed foods loaded with sodium or sugars, or taking boxed or precooked foods can further slow down the normal body metabolism. In Ayurveda freshly prepared foods, and food made up of vegetables and herbs is believed to be the most appropriate for proper metabolism. It is the best advised to take seasonal foods instead of off-season fruits or vegetables. Natural foods work as natural energy boosters and can fulfill the general energy requirement to build inner strength of body.

In human body, iron is stored in the liver and spleen, in the form of ferritin, and this compound releases iron into the blood to meet deficiency. Shilajit contain bio-available iron which can be easily assimilated by human body and utilized to get energy to build inner strength of body and prevent the condition of exhaustion caused by anemia.

A study on the use of shilajit was conducted in laboratory by researchers in which Wister rats were taken and divided in two groups. A group of rats were given iron supplements, and other group was given shilajit. The body produces ferritin which is stored in the liver and heart. Excess iron in body is distributed to other parts of body including skin and spleen. The study showed overload of iron could cause toxicity when taken in abundant. The problem of excess iron storage can be a danger for people who suffer from heart diseases or hemochromatosis.

However, iron in shilajit did not show such toxicity, although, the dose of iron supplement taken, externally and through shilajit, was same. The intake of natural energy boosters in shilajit did not allow excess storage of iron in body organs and did not cause the kind of toxicity induced by iron supplements taken from other sources. The study found that shilajit could help in reducing mineral and vitamin deficiency, and it prevented excess of minerals in body. Widely used ayurvedic Sfoorti capsules contain similar natural energy boosters along with a set of rare herbs to build inner strength of body.

The study of the Andean Shilajit (of Chile) was found to have ORAC indexed in the range of 50 to 500 Trolox per gram which is substantially greater than super-foods such as blueberries. The composition of shilajit is full of minerals and natural energy boosters. Its components can be divided into fulvic acids, humic acids and humins. Fulvic acid is water soluble compound and can be absorbed effectively in intestine due to low molecular weight and it is rich in antioxidants which make it effective complement activator to build inner strength of body.


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