Ayurvedic Herbal Energy Booster Pills To Stay Active And Energetic

The problem of inactivity and sleepiness throughout the day can happen due to a number of factors such as inadequate diet, low metabolism, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, neurodegenerative conditions, heart diseases etc.

Endocrine imbalance is one of the major causes for dullness and people who suffer from it also suffer from the condition of fat depositions or weakening of muscles. The person may gain weight without taking excess calories due to improper functioning of glands. He /she wakes up tired and constantly feels tired. These can be symptoms of incipient heart disorder and excess accumulation of cholesterol in blood. The person suffers from diarrhea because the body fails to metabolize fat, and he/she can even suffer from long standing digestion problems. It causes poor memory, excessive emotions and depression problems. This can be resolved by taking ayurvedic energy booster pills which are made up of herbal energy giving ingredients such as Asphaltum or shilajit and various other phyto-chemicals for the revival of general body power.

Shilajit has been tested in laboratory to be a great natural product which can revive body metabolism and protect liver to regulate certain bio-chemicals parameters to prevent accumulation of fats on body organs needed to stay active and energetic. It can reduce cholesterol formation in arteries. It controls free radicals in body to cure degenerative conditions. Sfoorti capsules are widely used ayurvedic energy booster pills that contain many herbs mixed in proper ratio with shilajit and it is a great cure for people who suffer from tiredness caused by poor fat metabolism.

About 25 percent of the total cholesterol in body is found in brain and it contains more cholesterol as compared to other parts of the body. Hence, the problem of fat accumulation, fat indigestion, poor metabolism, diarrhea and obesity may cause certain neurodegenerative conditions. Palpitation and back pain are other symptoms of excess fat accumulation in body.

The herbs in the ayurvedic energy booster pills can regulate the flow of endocrines to prevent side effects of endocrines malfunctioning. The metabolism can be improved to stay active and energetic and the problem of urinary tract infection reduces when the capsules are taken regularly for few days. The herbs in the pills not just improve the functioning of heart but it reduces the impact of poor blood flow to the brain and improves the flow of signals from the brain to body organs to prevent neuro degenerative conditions.

Study shows the herbs and shilajit in the ayurvedic energy booster pills can benefit the body in many ways. It eliminates deep seated toxins in the body which are found in the form of everyday pollutants and harmful chemicals. The herbs can check the growth of fatty tissues. Shilajit improves the bioavailability of minerals and the body can digest minerals to transport nutrients to tissues. The herbs can help the brain functions. It improves memory and enhances the power of brain to handle stress. It improves recovery time of muscle damage, bone and nerve injury required to stay active and energetic.


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