One of my pals was the pinnacle of the SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) program at Offut AFB for countless years. This is just one from the important topics covered inside the Urban Survival course offered by: Surviveinplace

Back inside the 80s, there is an incident where an F-16 pilot required to make an unexpected emergency landing and landed in an abandoned airstrip in Alaska. He landed perfectly. The plane was unharmed and the man was fine. Unfortunately, he considered that his distress signal would not get out, and lost the battle, brought out his Beretta, and shot himself. It is estimated that within thirty minutes of landing he made this decision.

Help arrived within 2 hours on the initial distress call, which may have been some time before his water/food/ or other supplies ran out. This is a common story. In wilderness situations, people often die following a single evening of "exposure" at 50-60 degrees, regardless of whether they have proper clothing. Even Soldiers, with watched a lot of movies have left in Iraq & Afghanistan after receiving otherwise non-lethal injuries.

On the other hand, a bit more amusing survival story is of the gentleman who crashed his plane in the desert area and survived for merely a week in extreme heat/cold with very little supplies, skills, food, or water. What was the power for his survival?He was from the middle of an divorce and refused to die and let his wife get everything.

The point of that is that the brain is a VERY powerful tool, and may either be your worst enemy or maybe your most valuable tool in the survival situation. There are two basic steps you can decide to use make your mind meet your needs.

1. Choose to use a positive mental attitude. 2. Have something larger than yourself to live for. Entire books are actually written for this topic, this also was a region that I needed to address myself when I started checking process of fixing my survival plan. I was so centered on the bad political, economic, and global social events that had been going on that I had stopped practicing the discipline of thinking positively, regardless in the situation.

In short, in case you haven?t already, you must make a discipline of thinking positively. This doesn?t imply you walk around with rose colored glasses on or ignore reality, nonetheless it does show that you take control of your mind. You still must acknowledge when problems exist, but target finding solutions and exactly what it will seem like to have successfully navigated the matter.

There?s a famous saying, "Who by worrying can also add a single hour to his life?" that's very true. Over the past decades, many people are already worried about a flu pandemic of a single sort or some other. How does "worrying" regarding it help you? How does worrying hurt you?

Besides effecting mental performance chemistry negatively, hurting your skill to sleep, allowing you to depressing to get along with, and increasing high blood pressure, it wastes time. A better approach should be to only concern your brain with things that you just have treatments for. As a good example, you don?t get control on whether there is a global flu pandemic.