When to Dispose of Your Wires and Connector

Wires can be damaged for a number of reasons. Some of the most common situations are caused by frequent usage, carelessly yanking it from the outlet or plugging it even when you are not charging. Such practice cannot only harm your wire but can also damage your main plug and be the source of injury and/or fires. No matter how precautions are stated in the purchase box or on how many times consumers are educated on how to use their cable wires though, a lot of individuals continue to ignore the warnings. As a result, millions of connectors are being disposed every month.


However, there are also times when you are mostly careful about these wires but it just reaches its limits. After all, power cables are not designed to last forever, no matter how strong they can be. According to the Peterson Group, Taiwan-based distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals, considering the legitimacy of the brand, cables for smartphones can last for a year or two. Generic ones can last up to six months while fraudulent copies are lucky enough to reach until a week.


A power cable- the chord that carries electrical power- is made up of three distinct layers. The outer layer is rubber or plastic that fits snugly around the wires. Next is the colored insulation layer which offers some protection against wear and tear to the innermost layer; the energized copper wires themselves.


Added to the danger of handling damaged cables, a study conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia shows that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was found in 44 percent of all plastic coating of internal wires and external cables that the group tested. When incinerated, the group says, these release dioxins, which are known to increase the likelihood of cancer. Phthalates, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found can cause damage to the liver and testes from long-term exposure, were found in the power cables supplied with laptops examined.


To gain profit by disposing your damaged cable wire, you can contact a recycler who purchases old cables because of the copper wire inside. Some people would dismantle the wires themselves and sell it to a junkyard for a surprisingly high price. These recyclers would reuse the copper wires for another reason. Expert advises to hire a professional electrician to get rid of your cable wires for safety protocol.