Is your Oxygen Concentrator too loud or too heavy?

For several years medical oxygen patients have complained that their oxygen concentrator machine is too loud or too big and bulky. Sound Oxygen Service has the solution with the EverFloQ Oxygen Concentrator from Respironics and the QuietLife 5 Oxygen Concentrator from Airsep.

Respironics EverfloQ

This concentrator has the same medical oxygen hardware as the EverFlo concentrator but has been improved to reduce its weight and sound level. It only weighs 31 pounds; compare that to some concentrators that can weigh as much at 58 pounds. At a sound decibel of only 40, it is one of the quietest oxygen concentrators around. Most are 50-60 decibels. For reference, a 10 decibel increase doubles the sound! Hear the difference for yourself

Airsep QuietLife 5

This is a quiet concentrator that also reduces energy costs. Using only 285 watts this concentrator will support your oxygen needs up to 5 liters per minute; some concentrators use as much as 585w. This means you will save an average of $10-15 per month on your energy bills. The average decibel output of this machine is < 40 so you save money and your ears. What could be better?

Quiet Oxygen Therapy

Whatever your needs are, let us know, and we can help. Our quiet oxygen concentrators are a convenient way to reduce noise that can keep room-mates and bed partners up at night. If you work in a long-term care facility with many oxygen patients you know how loud it can be to have multiple concentrators running at the same time. Call us for a free assessment of your current oxygen equipment and a demo of our quieter, more efficient concentrators (877-269-0405).