The Usage and Maintenance of Genuine Leather

Bags have become very indispensable items in people’s daily life. However, how to use and maintain a bag correctly and make it look like new as we just bought it, has become a hard question for people. The producers not only provide wholesale handbags, but also give the tips of usage and maintenance of them. Here, you can generally know the usage and maintenance about genuine leather bags for women and men.


Please note these following things before using genuine leather bags:

1.Genuine leather bag should be stored in the place where keeps it dry and drafty.

2. Do not over expose under sunlight, close to fire and wash by water. Do not clash by sharp objects or close to chemical solvent.

3.The handbag didn’t go with any waterproof procedure. Once wet with water, use soft cloth to wipe for the purpose of protecting it from generating rows.


4.Do not use shoe polish on genuine leather casually.

5. High-salt and wet environment would easily cause to oxidation, ought to protect all the metallic decorations.

6. When the genuine bag does not for use, you had better preserve it in a dust bag. Do not save it in plastic bags for the dead air inside may damage the leather. It is better to put some soft tissue into the bag to keep the shape. The old pillowcase is also another way to replace soft tissue.

7. Leather is another kind active material like leather in shoes. It is very easy to damage the flexibility of leather, so we better prepare several bags for alternate use. If we wet the leather bag careless, we can use the dry towel to sip up the water, and then put something like newspaper and magazines to dry it in the shade. Do not expose to the sunlight directly, which would make your lovely bag fade and change the shape.