Water cooler CW-6000 for Liquid ceramic tanks cooling

This customer from Spain is interested in S&A industrial water cooler model CW-6000.

Below is conversation:

S&A: What kind of equipment will be cooled?

Customer: Liquid ceramic tanks

S&A: How much is the heating power needs to be dissipated?

Customer: It depends, but my technical says me that needs 3000fg more or less

S&A: What's the target water temperature and ambient temperature?

 Customer: It is to set up a closed water circuit , and this circuit cool the tanks

Besides, S&A water cooler CW-6000 has 3KW cooling capacity, it is able to satisfied with the cooling demand.

More details about chiller: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW60003000Wco.html





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