Ways to Distinguish Marble Stone Easily

Marble stone supplies various colors for you according to its mineral composition. Marble stone is widely used in construction such as home decoration, office building, commercial building projects for flooring and wall cladding and so on. Get clearing about the characteristics of marble stone will help you a lot to identify them.

Before you start the identification process, first to make sure the surface is free from grime, dirt and debris.

First of all, touch the surface, stroke it and feel its texture, high quality marble stone is very smooth and silky to touch. If rough, then it is not marble stone.

Secondly, look at the marble at a different angle to see a glossy and almost translucent quality on the surface. When polished, marble stone is shiny and very reflective.

And then, marble stone has the grain consisting of fluid lines can create a disorganized pattern in the stone. If the marble stone has crystal-like markings or speckles, then it is more like granite stone.

What’s more, identify it from the color. Marble stone has at least two tones of colors, for the grain is a different color than other parts of marble stone. The color can be cream, red, black, and white , grey. The color will be subtle pastel shades, rather than bright green, yellow and pink.

Marble stone is heavy, you can lift it to compare with plastic, wood, large marble is solid and heavy while granite stone is heavy also, you still need to see its pattern to distinguish it.

Splashing water on the surface, marble stone will not absorb the water and pool on the surface.

After doing the above things, may you can choose the right marble stone for yourself.

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