How to last longer in bed for men?

How to last longer in bed for men?

There is an issue with some men that they cannot last long in the bed and also the size of their penis is not that big which they want. This is one of the issue because they cannot fulfill the needs of their partner on the bed by ending up soon. There are few thing that includes a plastic surgery, they can also control the premature ejaculation to make their sex last for long time.In many areas of sex a person have a control to finish it early. But it is now a problem for couples who want to last long on the bed. There are some of the men who finish in 2 minutes which I nothing. But if a male finish in 4 minutes so it is the ideal time for female. Following are some of the tips that can help you to last longer on bed.

Bigger Belly

When it comes to last longer the big belly works a lot that is like if you will have a bigger belly you will finish late. According to the research of 2010 journal of Sexual Medicine, those men who are heavy in weight can also long from around 7.3 minutes and a normal male can last long for around 2 minutes only.

Circumcision of Adult

A very well-known phrase, The Better Late than Never, is very helpful in different areas of life and this is also included in the Circumcision of Adult.According to the study of 2014,a male took longer to ejaculate after in their adulthood after they got a circumcision, this is also considered as an advantage for men to last long in bed.There is no complication in lasting long I the bed.

Floor Exercise of Pelvic

This exercise is especially for those women who has the bladder problems.They can easily treat a man for life long with ejaculation of premature.According to the European research, a man between the ages of 19 to 46 can easily ejaculate in 31.7 seconds. This exercise is of 12 weeks. Around 33 out of 40 men improve their duration of ejaculation within 12 weeks.

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