Grand Theft Auto: The 10 Worst Cities for Auto Theft

Car Insurance Quotes & Theft - What You Should Know Even though many people think its going to never happen to us, we know that at some time it may. Car theft is one of the leading crimes that plague modern society. In the United States alone, greater than a million cars are reported stolen every year. This shows how rampant this problem has become of course, if we do not a single thing over it, we may turn out becoming the next victims. First and foremost, parking your car or truck in a very safe location could be the # 1 method to prevent car theft. Your must not leave your automobile somewhere which makes you uncomfortable or somewhere that its going to be especially at risk of criminal activity. While there really is no strategy to insure the safety of your car or truck without having a shadow of a doubt, good sense often comes in handy when deciding where you can park. Instead of deciding on the back of your dark alley, leave your car inside a well-lit plus more public location. If parking in a very public lot, try to choose one containing 24 / 7 surveillance or one containing an on-duty security guard. If this isnt available, search for the most secure and straightforward to achieve parking space possible. Just as essential as parking your car or truck in a secure location just isnt ever becoming too comfortable with in which you let it rest. When you find a safe place to park, dont become lax about securing your belongings and maintaining a tally of your automobile. Parking in the same place every day will make a bit numb on the imposing threat, so be sure to bear in mind the belief that car theft is a very real possibility, no matter where you leave your automobile. 3) Security tracking devices. Services for example Lojack or Onstar can locate your car if it is stolen, producing a faster return. Although more costly, these GPS-based tools are considered to be very effective means of getting your vehicle back after one day car insurance it is often taken. However, they could be unable to stop a thief from using the vehicle in the first place. Since 2000, the NICB has become publishing the annual rankings. This year, as the F-150 was probably the most commonly stolen truck, some other big vehicles cracked the superior ten, namely the 2004 Dodge pickup as well as the 1999 Chevy pickup, which notched positions number eight and seven, respectively, about the NICB tally.