Unique symmetrical Double-sides Poster for CASTORAMA France

Castorama is a chain shopping mall brand in France which mainly distributes Semi-finished Furniture products and elements. There are near 100 branches of it in France. Transtech finished a project in the cross street in front of Castorama, adopting unique symmetrical Double-sides Poster, which is cost-effective for our customer because of 4 pieces of LED displays in one installation structure. 
Audiences can get excellent images even under direct sunlight for Transtech outdoor LED display series adopting high quality SMD 3-in-1 chips. Transtech owns the most advanced surface mount technology, the location & amount of paste are controlled and monitored by the machine, the nonconforming paste printing will be ticked out before going to the next process, so the overall yield-rate are higher. High IP rating as IP65 front and IP54 rear leads to an awesome waterproof function. Satisfied that stable performance, our customer is pleased with the great advertising benefits brought from this project.

Double-sides Poster

Article Source:http://www.trtled.com/xmal/info_30_itemid_183.html