Which is Your Preference Between Quartz Stone and Granite Stone?

Which kind of stone is your preference? Quartz stone or granite stone? Quartz stone as one engineered stone is composed of 93% quartz volume and 7% resins. Granite stone is one natural stone widely used in kitchen countertops. The both have their own advantages and shortcoming, just get it depending on your home style.

  1. for the whole looking. The colors and veining of granite stone come from the same block, it  has its own style and feature, that is why most homeowners love it. While since quartz stone is one kind of man made stone, its colors and patterns are more consistent. Both of this two stones have no seam, and quartz stone does better than granite stone.
  2. what about the surface maintenance? Quartz stone requires less care than granite stone. Granite stone of porous structure is easy to get bacteria and small voids, stains, which needs sealing. But quartz stone will not, it do not need special maintenance as it is already dense and non-porous when it is produced. Quartz stone can supply you a better and convenient life.
  3. for the price, granite stone is close to quartz stone in 2014, while the cost of granite get fast rise for its colors and individual slabs features at about $200 per sq feet, while quartz stone is about $100. The both are heavy, with quartz stone may be heavier than granite, which make the installation cost is higher.
  4. granite stone and quartz stone are tough and durable. Granite stone is resistant to scratches, heat and water, quartz stone is resistant to stains well, even from the fruit juice, wine and nail polish. But when you expose quartz stone to sunshine, heat for a long time, quartz stone can be damaged also. It is hard to repair chipped granite stone and distressed quartz stone.

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