Locating The Answers For Necessary Criteria In Garage Door Services

I Called Around 5pm And They Said They Could Send Someone Out Between 7 And 9.

Call.s today to schedule and appointment or a repair. I used these guys after sending another company on its way for trying to double the price on me.   There is Orange County and Los Angeles Garage Door Repair Company no haggling with this business. With no cars in the garage and having moved everything else that could be smashed by a falling 2-car garage door, I proceeded to search for a garage door repair place on Yelp. I will use them again great job. Justin Sanchez. Thank you for your service; you are well represented by your efficient and courteous technician, Mr. Luckily, and unbelievably, it stopped before it hit my car and I immediately took that chance to move my car out of the garage, risking my own life even because that entire half of the door was just barely hanging on. They came in and fixed my garage door in less than a half hour at exactly the price they quoted. $150 less than the previous Los Angeles Garage Door Service scammed .   As an bonus, the new springs came with a 5-year warranty.

Exactly 26 minutes later, he arrived and identified the problem right away. Definitely will use again!!! Quick and friendly service! If you want a fair price and quality service, give these guyss a call. Thanks again. Service guy by the name of Scott was great. Justin Sanchez. A horrendous noise made me turn around just in time to see part of the door come off the track and time itself seemed to stop as I watched one of the top corners of the garage door fall towards my car. I will use them again great job. Called after work assuming they wouldn't be able to come today but I was wrong.  

Great.ob. Will recommends to friends and family. He explained exactly what the issue was, what needed to be done to correct it, and how much each part would cost...all within 10 minutes, I kid you not. After a long day at work, I drove home and pressed the button to close my garage door. They were able to come the same day!!! I used these guys after sending another company on its way for trying to double the price on me.   My total damage came out to $455 $260 parts + $180 labour + $15 tax . it's not the cheapest rate for less than an hour of work but I honestly have no idea how it compares to what other companies would charge. I will use them again great job. Great service and low prices.