When In Southwest Orlando, Visit Starbase Dental

Dr. Surendra Gopal Sirivolu, D.D.S.,M.H.A., is a certified Cosmetic and Family Dentist with extensive training and skills of over 20 years. He particularly specializes in dental implants that include Teeth-in-an-Hour, Invisalign, and general cleaning. He does not work alone, but employes a well trained and credentialed team that also enjoys the Trek theme and their state-of-the-art technology on board the practice.

Patients come to this practice from Orlando and Metro West, the rest of Florida, across the USA and from other countries. This is a successful example of medical or dental tourism.

This practice offers a number of additional services: preventive care, tooth-colored porcelain fillings, crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, laser procedures, digital X-rays (reducew radiation), oral cancer screening, Teeth-in-an-Hour Dental Implants, Invisalign aligners, Gum Treatment and/or Bleaching, Gum and/or Bone Grafting, Lip Lowering, Makeovers, Sealants, and several others. Dr. Sirivolu's procedures will remind you of the advanced techniques we only dreamed about when we first saw Click here to know more. them in the Star Trek franchise.

The Doctor and crew attend additional training several times each year and post their experiences and special events on their own Facebook page (see links below). You will also be treated to a virtual tour of the Starbase Dental offices.