The Best 5 Alkaline Water Ionizers and Purifiers

These are 5 top of the market Alkaline Water Systems. If I was an average alkaline water user, I would go with the Vollara Living Water. It is the best in terms of what it offers in cost to benefit ratio. But it does not offer an under-counter setup. If I wanted an under-counter system, I would look at the awesome under counter options available, like Tyent and Water for Life. If I wanted a very high PH range, I would consider the Kangen or the Water for Life.

The standard warranty in the industry is 5 years. All these companies offer a 5 year warranty so make your choice based on your needs.

Alkaline water offers great benefits and has become so popular because people really experience the changes in their health and vitality. It is always good to use everything with balance so use it responsibly and you can experience great health and vitality for a long time.