Today's Tongue Twister - See the Sassy New Skil Sidewinder Circular Saw

Most people call facial tissue Kleenex. Most carpenters call a circular saw a Skilsaw. Why? Because they were the first products of their kind. Coincidentally, both the Kleenex tissue and the first Skilsaw model E were introduced in the same year: 1924. Both products became ubiquitous in the 20th century, and still dominate their industries. And, most importantly, it is just a lot easier to say Kleenex or Skilsaw than facial tissue or circular saw.

Skilsaws were the go-to pro-grade jobsite saws when I was coming up in the trades. The Skil wormdrive saws were, and still are legendary for their power, accuracy and durability. For those who may not know what a wormdrive saw is, they ha