Liquid Dip Applications Recently Made Available

Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing, Inc. applies high quality industrial coating finishes to products and is known for being environmentally safe. Different kinds of powder and plasticol coatings may be applied to devices and tools to protect from wear and improve lifespan. Below are several types of coatings and how they function.

Industrial powder coating is used in lieu of wet paint. Plasticol coating is applied to tools like wrenches and pliers to help with gripping action. Fluoropolymer coating techniques may protect the products they are laminated to which can help the item remain intact and perform better during its lifespan.

Some popular industrial fluoropolymer coatings are made of teflon coating which is used in making non stick pans. Cooking supplies with these sort of coatings are popular among the cooking hobbyists for preventing break-up while cooking certain dishes. If you have ever owned a no-stick pan then, you are sure to understand why they're so sought after.

Electrostatic coating techniques are much more widely used now than a long time ago. Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing Inc. uses a variety of processes for applying applications to a variety of materials including but not limited to liquid dip. We offer cleaning services that will prepare your parts for our specialty coatings. We utilize specialty verification and assessment equipment to make sure that all coatings are applied precisely.

As the industry persists to advance in the field of powder coating more uses are sure to be discovered. For additional info on powder coating around Maryland, visit our website. Our facility can be found in Lancaster County, PA. Feel free to drop by and ask any questions you might have concerning our services.

Liquid Dip Applications Recently Made Accessible