Geriatric Dentistry: Aging And Oral Health

Gerodontics or geriatric dentistry is the supply of dental care to more mature older people, involving the diagnosis, avoidance and therapy of difficulties associated with typical aging and age associated diseases.

Since of advances in medication, individuals typically have a significantly for a longer time daily life span than in earlier occasions. This increase in existence expectancy is attributed also to the reduction in mortality at diverse stages in life, which has been introduced about by enhanced well being care amenities, sanitation, environmental and public overall health reforms and also much better hygiene and living circumstances. The proportion of the elderly in developed nations by 2050 is expected to be about twenty%.

The elderly patient could endure from some of the numerous dental problems frequent to their age group. These incorporate root caries, periodontal ailment, missing teeth since of previously neglect, ill-fitting dentures, oral ulceration, dry mouth, oral cancers and caries.

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