Georgia dentist Dr. Maheshvar Patel hounded by malpractice suits over botched procedures

Over 50 complaints against Patel for mistreating children.

By Raif Kareratlawsuit

A Georgia dentist is the subject of numerous malpractice lawsuits after allegedly botching a slew of routine procedures.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in 2012 the Rome police and federal agents with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service raided the Floyd county dentist office of Dr. Maheshvar Patel.

The complaints against the office and Patel became so numerous, investigators hired a dental consultant to review the medical records they confiscated. To this day, the District Attorneys office is still investigating the more than 50 complaints from parents claiming their children were mistreated.

Police say they immediately notified the Georgia Board of Dentistry about the criminal investigation. But the board didnt take action until July of 2015, when it released a public reprimand.

According to notice, Patel lacked documentation to justify the treatment rendered to a number Click here for more. of children between 2010 and 2012, and that he used inappropriate or excessive restraints, and was overly forceful in treating his minor patients.

One patient, 5-year-old Somer Carter, emerged from her visit with Patel crying and bruised.

When I looked down, her mouth was just pouring blood. It was awful, and when I raised her lip up, everything was just hanging on top, recalled her mother, Nicole Carter, to The Journal-Constitution.

Patel left the Childrens Dentistry of Rome and opened a new office in Marietta, Ga. where he is currently practicing. Since Patel vacated his former practice, police say there havent been any recent complaints.