A Closer Look at Dental Composite Fillings

If you are experiencing pain due to cavities, then its probably time for you to have composite fillings put in. A common dental procedure, composite fillings are used by the dentist to fill in the cavity contaminated tooth. A composite filling dentist would use a composite made of quartz resin instead of the customary metal based amalgam filling. Aside from quartz resin, this new type of filling includes a specific agent that is light sensitive. Since light is used to bond the filling quickly, this procedure is also known as bonding.

The dentist can match the color of the filling with your existing teeth, so that it can hide itself from the prowling eyes of others. This makes it more appealing compared to fillings that use the silver colored amalgam, which can be very noticeable whenever you talk or smile.

A composite filling dentist starts the procedure by removing any existing the decay from the tooth itself. After this, the dentist prepares the tooth by conditioning the Click here to know more. enamel and the dentin. A specific bonding material is then applied into the etched tooth, and then the composite material is added and shaped onto the tooth up until it is fully formed. The dentist then uses an intense light source in order to cure the composite filling, which usually takes less than a minute to finish.

A dentist in Los Angeles can recommend someone for composite fillings, as long as they are in good health and are far from any dental or gum diseases. Of course, one also needs to have a cavity-infected tooth to proceed with this dental operation.

Any dentist in Los Angeles will agree that this new type of composite filling is better than the traditional amalgam metal based fillings. Since the quartz resin only has glass and acrylic resins as materials, there wont be any chance of mercury poisoning.

Besides looking more natural, quartz resin composite fillings are also more resistant to changes in temperature. Unlike the more usual amalgam fillings that easily crack over temperature differences, this new material can insulate your original tooth and also adds support, all while being resistant to temperature changes. You can always consult a dentist in Los Angeles for more information on composite fillings.