How To Find a Good Dentist

How to Find New Dentist

Friends' referrals are the #1 way to find a good dentist you can trust. Alternate methods of finding a dentist can also work, especially the use of the computer. This is my story of leaving an old style dentist and finding an upscale hospitable new dental office. You can follow along at my appointment and learn the important questions I asked and the reason for leaving my current dentist.

I decided for several reasons to find a new dentist, a major reason that I needed an upper denture to replace my loose decaying teeth. My dentist was in his 70's, and it was time to find a younger dentist with updated procedures. My dentist's office did not have current x-ray procedures, used the old-fashioned light and tray, had slowed down, and had difficulty locating patients' mouth issues. This was unacceptable to me.

The major items covered in this article are what to look for in a dental office,and will list all major amenities.

What to Look For in a Dental Office

First, I asked my friends and neighbors for their recommendations. I received one excellent reference and visited the office to discuss my current needs. The following information discloses my results and exhibits the important issues to cover in your visit..

Adequate Staff

One dentist and eight staff members I was very impressed, as my old dental office had four staff members. Each staff member in this office has a specialty. I learned that the dentist took over an established practice.


I found a very clean uncluttered office. Gloves and masks were worn by staff members. Instruments looked clean and sterile. The waiting room appeared adequate and contained comfortable chairs.


Friendly office staff greeted me immediately, and my waiting time was about ten minutes. Staff was casual but professional. The male dentist was in his thirties and had been in practice for twelve years. He was kind and possessed a good sense of humor.


Staff was polite and explained the office procedure, including expectation of payments and co-payments. The dentist told me they will be moving into a brand new building in two months


I completed paper work giving appropriate information, including my medical problems, medications and allergies. I later learned the office is careful to analyze your medicine before giving anesthetic.


A staff member took a panoramic x-ray and posted it for all to see. The dentist assessed my needs from the film.

Other amenities

I watched a film about dentures and watched staff member type a summary of our discussion. This information appeared on a screen for all to see.

Emergency appointments

The office already scheduled my first visit as an emergency appointment, so that option already exists

Dentist's education

He graduated from a dental school in my area.