Iphone: It Is Not As Complicated As It Looks

Everyone is aware of the the power of the Apple iPhone, whether they own one or not. Whether you are a new iPhone user, or you are thinking about becoming one, the article below has the information that you need, so that you have the opportunity to possibly learn more about your phone, or learn about the phone you want to have.

free dating sites You can have a better iPhone browsing experience by using a bigger keyboard. You don't have to go out and buy a bigger keyboard, either. Just tap Safari's address bar while you hold your iPhone sideways; you'll instantly see a big difference! Your typing will be a lot faster and more precise with the bigger landscape-orientation keyboard.

positive singles If you're browsing the web through your iPhone, you should know you don't have to type ".com" when you're putting in a site's address. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. Though this may seem insignificant, the time savings can be substantial over the long run.

free online dating sites Are you fed up by all the notifications you get on your iPhone? You can shut them off. Begin by selecting "settings", then hit the notifications line. Review the applications listed below the heading "Notification Center." Take away anything you do not want to be there. This will also improve the life of your battery.

Switching from web browsing to placing a call on your iPhone doesn't take more than a single tap. For instance, perhaps you are looking for a dry cleaner. Whenever you discover the number, you don't have to navigate to the phone component in order to make a call. Simply tap the number, and you're immediately connected to the desired business.

You can use the cord of your headphones to take an iPhone photo. Start off by getting the picture you want and put it in the frame. When you are ready to take the photograph, press on the cord's button. This will then take the photo. Also, the save function is similar to saving any other picture for your convenience.

You can find any place with your iPhone. The map feature can help you find the nearest gas station or navigate an unfamiliar area. Bookmark the map facility so that you can use it whenever needed.

Attempt scrolling with one as well as two fingers when viewing a webpage. Using one finger to scroll through a webpage provides an efficient way of getting through information stored in multiple boxes. Two fingered scrolling helps you quickly scroll through the whole web page.

Your texting and emailing can be improved with the creation of AutoText shortcuts. These make your common phrases easy to access. You can use this feature to save time that would otherwise be wasted typing out rote messages like "I'll call you later" or "I'm almost there". You'll find the necessary settings lurking in the iPhone settings' "Keyboard" section.

Make the most of your time with your iPhone device by eliminating suggested words. To end this feature, simply tap your iPhone screen to quit the suggestion box. This will save you hitting the x at the end of every word.

Now that you read the information above you likely have learned something about what an iPhone can do that you did not know before. Apply what you have learned to maximize the benefits of your iPhone, or use this information to help you make your purchase decision.