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The World AIDS Day - Focus on Awareness
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2015 World Aids Day

Today, the First Day of December, 2009 may be the World AIDS Day. It is intended to raise your awareness against AIDS also to support the cause of those 33 million those who suffer from this many disease that is dreaded the planet.

It is shocking to see that in the US alone, every 9 1/2 minutes, you were impacted with HIV+, the virus that causes AIDS. Every 12 months 14,000 people succumb to AIDS. More than 1 million people are infected with HIV+ and 1 million individuals have been diagnosed with AIDS.

Therefore, World AIDS is a wake up call to those people who are suffering from AIDS, to spread awareness against AIDS, to set an example for others and to regulate and discipline their remaining life day.

In the case of other individuals who remain healthy and have no HIV+ or AIDS, it is equally crucial to spread the information about AIDS one of them with a consider awareness, on abstinence, on monogamy, on condoms as well as on medications.

Focus on awareness means spreading the knowledge about the dreaded virus HIV+ that causes AIDS. Having intercourse that is sexual more than one partner or committing adultery and perverted types of intercourse, cause sexually transmitted diseases that lead to HIV+. It is equally important to understand that transfusion of HIV+ blood that is infected feeding by a mother that is tested good for HIV and having AIDS etc can cause HIV infection.
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Avoiding intercourse or abstinence from sexual intercourse could be the method that is best to become a target of HIV+ or AIDS. Because there is definitely no range for infection, avoiding intercourse is recognized as as the method that is best of preventing HIV infection and becoming a victim of AIDS.

Monogamy is yet another method in which you confine your sexual relationship with a single life partner or spouse that helps you against becoming a target of HIV+ and AIDS.

Using Condoms during intercourse shall allow you to from getting infected with HIV+ virus or becoming an AIDS victim.

Distributing understanding against the usage of drugs is another essential action; while eating drugs, the drug addicts invariably use needles that may result in infection of HIV+ virus.

With a consider all of the above factors that are mentioned awareness should be spread among the list of people through counseling. There clearly was yet another issue that is important requires your consideration and attention with this time. Generally we constantly frown at the people infected with HIV+ virus or having AIDS. Going a step further, we invariably treat them indiscriminately and avoid them as though they are untouchables. But they need our sympathy and deserve our attention. No doubt, knowingly or unwittingly, they are becoming victims of HIV+ or AIDS, for which we need not ostracize them. We know pretty much that mere touch and real contact with the AIDS victims is in no way harmful and injurious As human beings they have got their very own rights to call home in this world. Hence, they should be treated as humans at par with us with utmost dignity.

Besides spreading the awareness against HIV+ and AIDS, it is equally important to rehabilitate the AIDS victims which is why funds are necessary. Ergo, we have to liberally subscribe to the International AIDS Fund.