SURESH RAINA- The man who deserves all!

SURESH RAINA- The man who deserves all!

Well, a king was born in Muradnagar,India,on 27th November,1986 who was named SURESH RAINA!

The first & foremost thing that flashes on my mind when I hear the word 'Cricket' is Suresh Raina,who is not just a cricketer but also an honest,golden-hearted soul.

Frankly speaking I had no idea about who's Suresh Raina when he made his domestic cricket debut with U.P in 2002,not even when he made Ranji debut in 2003 playing for U.P against Assam. He appeared for the first time on my television screen on 2005 when he made his first-class cricket debut. Since then he has been my all-time favourite!

Well,I have so many reasons to share for what made me a Raina fan rather u might as well say an 'Air-conditioner' instead of fancheeky...!! The man who, besides being a cricketer, carries all the qualities of being a super role-model for the youngsters! Yes am his diehard fan not because he's cute but because of his simplicity,humbleness,down to earth nature,love towards his family & fans is so adorable. The man who never forgets to honour God after achieving success... "God has been really kind." Yes,his good look is just an advantagewink

Having him as an idol is a real blessing.

Time comes when he's not selected for tests... Cricket without him? For me, it's like a film without any thrill. No question of watching cricket without him. I switch off TV & shut door of my room,start sobbing secretly without letting anyone know. I ask God "Why he only?" Maybe it's because God gives the hardest battles to His best soldiers.

That moment when he comes down to bat in the heart beats faster,my hands & feet turns cold out of tension,I sit still on my sofa with running prayers on my lips...& then when he hits it out of the park,I start screaming like I have won a battle. Mom stares at me,as if I am an alien to her cheeky

Back in 2010,I remember,when he hit a superb knock of 120 against Sri Lanka in test debut...I screamed so much out of joy that my neighbours gathered,knocking my door to check whether I had gone mad.cheeky

My life without Suresh Raina & his cricket is like...

Twitter without tweets...

Bird without a nest...

A man without a home!

Sounds weird right? But what to do that's me,who supports Raina blindly through thick & thin.

Happiness arrived with Suresh Raina's follow back on twitter. I cherish the day 13th,July,2015. It had been a bad day since morning. I had fever. But u know,Suresh Raina was my doctor that day. U wanna know his way of treatment? His medicine to me? 'Followback' was the medicine. As soon as I saw that he's following me...firstly I sat speechlessly for 2-3 minutes. After that guess what I did? Yes I started running all around my house. Mom gazed at me. Maybe she was thinking her daughter had totally gone mad. But when I told her the reason,even she was overjoyed. I broke into happy tears. #ThankYouRaina

He even made my '2015 Diwali' so special with a wonderful wish over DM on twitter. Thank you for everything Suresh.

You've given me & all your fans so many reasons to support u. Just 1 request never be sad. Always be happy & don't forget to smile. Your value doesn't decrease based on people's inability to see your worth. Beauty is in living your life happily in & out. It's your life. Do what makes you happy.

Love & respect to you & Priyanka di.. Wish u both a cute,bright future.heart



Your Diehard,Proud Fan