Natural Body Hydration

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the natural remedies available for dehydration. Here is their report:

Defining The Problem

Dehydration is a common problem and many sufferers do not even realize that they are lacking essential fluids in their body.

Lack of hydration can interfere with:

brain and cognitive functionmental concentration and claritythe effects of aging - by increasing themnormal energy levels during the day

However, many people are too busy during the day to provide themselves with enough fluid intake, particularly if excessive bathroom breaksdeplete the liquids in the body faster than they are replentished throughout the work day.

The following symptoms of dehydration may occur before the sufferer even begins to feel thirsty:

feeling fatigued,

lacking concentration or focus,



urine may be dark in color.

Effects of Weather

Even in cool climates, the body constantly loses fluid through breathing, perspiration and going to the bathroom.

For those in hot climates, exercising or doing manual work will lose even more water though perspiration. It is vital that the fluid is replaced regularly throughout the day.

Anti-Aging Effects

Water is known as the "elixir of life" and in terms of anti-aging, dehyration can be a major cause of skin wrinkling.

The best weapon for anti-aging skin is drinking plenty of water, either bottled or tap water, as it keeps the cells plump and moist, no botox needed.

Another health benefit water bestows upon usbesides avoidinglifeless-looking skin, is the flushing out of toxins throughout the body.

Plan To Drink

It is wise to consider how much you drink each day, and when. If necessary, make changes to your daily routine to ensure you always have access to a drink when you need one.

Plan to have a drink every hour and always have a bottle of water with you in the car and at your desk. Flavored drinks help make drinking the required 1.5 to 2 liters per day (3-4 pints) more palatable, but make sure some drinks are low calorie or zero calorie, such as water.

When exercising, make sure you have extra fluid intake before, during and after exercise to compensate for what is lost. When undertaking endurance or high-intensity sports, essential salts and minerals are also lost in perspiration.

A sports drink is a good way to replenish lost fluid and electrolytes and helps avoid cramps and headaches.

When flying, even more fluid is required to stay hydrated as the high altitude has lower humidity which increases the amount of water lost through the skin and decreases the sensation of thirst.

Keep in mind also that most fruits and vegetables have a high water content and can also help meet individual hydration needs.

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So make sure you are working at your optimum health each day -by recognizing the importance of staying hydrated!