Monster Caddy

Finally, an excellent new shower caddy unlike any before! Launching on Kickstarter this December 1, 2015! Visit to prevent touching our progress. First $100 to do this benefit from $10 utilizing order and turn into entered with the chance to win an initial edition prototype right after they arrive from manufacturing!

Be realistic, today’s shower caddies are not adequate to provide for today’s families because of the personal care products available.

Sick and tired with usual choices? The caddies that hang from the shower head are just not big enough because they only use a single mounting point; the polished brass shower head. Should they were any wider they would tilt and spill everything out in the floor, let alone your bare feet. Or think about the caddy that hangs above the glass? It flops and clanks each time you be in or out. It’s unsightly and also in terms of how. Also, why don't you consider the one which reaches from floor to ceiling with all the tiny trays? Just aim to put something heavy on one of these!

Finally the issue is solved. A solid shower caddy as large as you can actually need! Placed wherever you wish, with nearly unlimited capacity. Why? Which is supported through the strongest section of your shower or bath--the top aspect the wall. Approximately 95% of shower walls will not extend all the way to the ceiling. The fact is, they usually average about 6? feet tall. Whether made of tile, fiberglass, Corian, marble or granite they all have a lip at the pinnacle. You just need to to make sure your shower caddy does not slip off. How's that accomplished you may? By way of a revolutionary, patent-pending, support structure that locks your caddy into position but makes it possible for simple removal when the time comes to scrub behind it. Simply slide up, sideways, then off. The wash cloth hooks even also become feet is actually to be your Monster Shower Caddy for the shower/tub floor while cleaning. Though an easy task to get rid of it is almost impossible to chinese junk accidently. When struck from your side, one locking device allows movement as you move the other locks it constantly in place; preventing it from coming unusual.

Resulting from Monster Caddy’s revolutionary mounting design width and weight aren't a difficulty. Monster Caddy can have countless shelves as desired. It might be small enough to suit one person with only a few shelves, or tall enough to get to right down into a bathtub with 4, 5 as well as 6 shelves! Each shelf is tall enough to slip full-sized bottles and possesses dividers in order to avoid a domino effect when one bottle tips over, workout routines makes storing nearly-empty bottles upside-down simple. Our first flagship model launching this December 1, 2015 is actually a large 4 shelf plus rack design.

Monster Caddy has multiple soap dishes as well as a shelf created for all the miscellaneous items obtained in your bath or shower, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors and only about anything you could need while bathing. Monster Caddy is determined to become a large distinctive line of shower caddies of varying design and sizes; all using the same patent-pending mounting system. In reality, Monster Caddy may ultimately make all caddies obsolete surely nothing but a taxing memory.

No more would you like to have items strewn in your bath and shower. All things are up started along with one place. Nice! Tidy! Organized!

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