The part of presidency

If you consider the government is continuing to grow to into a self sustaining monster that could stop controlled, you reached a good option.

Through corrupt politicians, the govt is becoming a business containing enslaved us. Every day a growing number of of our own freedoms will be stolen using a government which had been sworn to defend our

The majority of the government does is unconstitutional and immoral. Through a process of corruption they can be stealing our wealth and enslaving us. The Role of the government is always to protect the actual freedoms there're trampling upon.

For those who seek truth regarding the world and news you deal with, you then stumbled on the ideal place. Through the pages of the website you'll learn just how they abuse their capability to manage us, deceive us, and steal from us.

If you believe the function of presidency should be to take care of us from cradle to grave, that you are area of the problem.

Hopefully, together you can spread the message of liberty, change some minds, and progress towards a more free civilization.

Are you free?

It comes with an entire integrated system of corruption in the office on the right to be free. Since the dawn of our great country, crooked people have been at your workplace to undermine abdominal muscles things that our forefathers wrote within the document that is meant to free us. The Promise of Independence says we're all born with the right our health, Liberty truth as well as hunt for happiness. But ought to truly own ourselves as individuals when we're fleeced of the wealth in the threat of force and coercion? In the end are actually scrambling to help keep our quality of life, we're also enslaved by way of system of presidency and economic corruption. is dedicated to exposing the simple truth behind the us government overreach that has bring on this enslavement. At you'll learn things you never can watching youtube as the mainstream media belongs to the problem. Please join us in spreading the solution of liberty.

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