Everything You Need To Know About Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow

The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow is one of the oldest, largest and most popular ballet companies in the world. It was founded in 1776 and is owned by Bolshoi Theatre. The company is based at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, which is one of the tourist hotspots in the city and is of global repute as a venue.


The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow did not become famous or globally known till the early 1900s. It was after Moscow became the capital of Soviet Russia. If you are visiting Moscow then you ought to visit the theater and not just for a tour but also to see the troupes perform if possible. Do watch out for the availability of tickets though as it can be quite a rush. It is best to look for tickets and to check the prices as you would check out some of the Top Hotels Moscow while planning your trip.


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Here’s everything you need to know about Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow.
  • In 1773, a dance school was founded for an orphanage in the city. The dancers trained at the school were employed by Prince Pyotr Urusov and subsequently by the English theatrical entrepreneur Michael Maddox. Initially, the dancers performed at private events in select venues. Within a few years, the Petrovsky Theatre was acquired and it eventually became the Bolshoi Theatre.


  • The Bolshoi Ballet is an extremely prestigious troupe to be a part of. Very few people get selected. It wasn’t until 1989 that an American ballet dancer managed to graduate from the academy. However, the company was not always so popular or foremost. In its early days, the Imperial Russian Ballet which is known as Mariinsky Ballet of St. Petersburg today was more dominant. It is still one of the foremost ballet companies in the world. The Bolshoi Ballet became popular after Alexander Gorsky took over the reins as Ballet Master. It was in 1900 when the company developed its unique identity. Some of the most popular and all time favorite productions of the company are Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Coppélia, La fille mal gardée, Le Corsaire, Giselle and La Bayadère.


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The company has more than 200 dancers today forming the corps de ballet, soloists, first soloists, lead soloists and principals. The company has two troupes due to its massive size.