Skilled Migration Visas For Those From Outside Australia by Usman Bhatti

Skilled migration visas are among the easiest ways for skilled workers to reside and work in Australia. Within the Australian General Skilled Migration program, skilled migrant and skilled worker applicants could use their qualifications, work experience and language capability to fulfill Australian immigration specifications for a permanent Australia visa. The Skilled Migration Program is an official Government effort to address skill shortages within the Australian labor force and to recognize those who can create a important contribution to Australia's economy. The General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program is the only path for skilled workers to emigrate to Australia. Candidates must meet the Basic Requirements for GSM and pass the Australian immigration Points Test to qualify.

Skilled visas: if you're outside Australia


Applicants must:

Be over 18 and under 45 years of age

Meet the English language threshold - competent English or vocational English if your nominated skilled occupation is a trade

Have skills and qualifications on Australia's Skilled Occupation List

Visa option

Skilled - Independent (Migrant) visa (Subclass 175)

This visa subclass is the most preferred skilled migration class for anyone seeking to emigrate to Australia and is targeted at experienced workers who will make a direct contribution to the Australian economy. This is a long term residence visa if you have expertise and qualifying criteria needed in the Australian labour market. What this means is holders can reside, work and study in Australia on a permanent basis, obtain subsidized medical care and get social security payments. They will also be qualified for Australian citizenship and will be able to sponsor others for permanent residence

Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (Subclass 475)

People who do not fulfill the Skilled Independent visa requirement can be qualified to be sponsored by a residing family member or partnering State or Territory government. This provisional visa enables the individual to live in Australia for up to 3 years while doing work, and associated with secondary appliers to work and study, however solely in Particular Local Regions of Australia.

Skilled - Recognized Graduate (Temporary) visa (Subclass 476

This is an 18-month short-term work skills visa for current engineering graduate students of acknowledged offshore academic institutions with competencies required in Australia. There isn't really points test for this visa, but further prerequisites has to be satisfied.