Sunroom Windows Ideas

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Solar control window film reduces heat gain by blocking solar radiation. Solar radiation, or solar energy, is made up of three components: ultraviolet radiation, visible light and near-infrared radiation. Near-infrared radiation makes up 53% of the solar spectrum, visible light 44%, and ultraviolet 3%. When rays from the sun hit a window, some of the solar energy is absorbed and some is reflected by the window, but most is transmitted through the glass.
Solar Art: Commercial Window Film at it’s Best!

Energy Efficiency
Buildings in the U.S. account for approximately 40% of the total energy consumption, over 70% of total electricity consumption, 50% of greenhouse gas emissions, and nearly 15% of the nation’s total potable water consumption. These statistics underscore the urgent need to modernize existing commercial buildings with more energy efficient glass through the use of new window film technologies.

Decorative Films
Our Decorative Film selection provides a wide range of options to help resolve design challenges. From new retrofits to existing conditions, these films are great for providing privacy or adding to the design element to any space
We can custom cut your company’s logo using the decorative films to aid in building your brand recognition.
Distraction Dots
A solution to a common safety issue. These are custom cut to your choice of film and design.
These Films are commonly used to provide partial to full privacy in your home or building.

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