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Tea Party Theme Ideas Teatime in the garden is a classic party setting, perfect if you have your own yard or deck. Schedule this party for the spring and make alternate rain plans if needed. Decorate the table with daffodils and daisies. Offer seed packets as party favors. Serve a big bowl of spring greens, perhaps garnished with violets or other edible flowers. You can also make openfaced tea sandwiches of a cream cheesebased spread topped with nasturtium, calendula, chive blossoms or borage. This party theme is also moncler men coats easily transformed into an Easter time event blown pasteldyed eggs to the decorations, and add egg salad or deviled eggs to the menu.

If your tea party date falls in October, you could plan a witches' brew party. Use spooky table decorations and add fall fruits including pears, pomegranates and a few whole, shiny red apples. Incorporate apples and other fruit into the menu as well an applecheddar spread, cranberry scones and pumpkin bread. moncler women jackets

Consider hosting a Valentine's Day tea in February. This holiday isn't just for romantic love, but can be a celebration of friends and moncler men jackets sensuality for everyone. Decorate in red, of course, and serve chocolates and petit fours, matched moncler women vestswith an oolong tea.

Bring Your Own Tea Tasting Party moncler men vests For a more casual affair, host the tea party equivalent of a potluck your guests bring their own tea for a group tasting. You provide the accessories, including cups and saucers, the kettle and the pots, sugar, milk, honey, and lemon. Have your guests bring one tea and one plate of treats to share.

People often think of tea parties as quintessentially English affairs, with cream scones and milk tea. But many countries all around the world have their own teas and tea traditions that moncler women coats you could base a tea party event around. Serve Moroccan mint tea in elegant glass cups and for food, set out a Mediterranean appetizer or mezze platter with stuffed grape leaves, hummus, olives and feta cheese. Or, serve a selection of smoky, fruity Russian teas some places, you might even be able to rent a samovar for your centerpiece. Serve the appetizers known as zakuski: marinated mushrooms, eggplant caviar, smoked fish, blini with sour cream and butter.