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Why Apple Is Placing a Temporary Freeze On iPhone 4 Slider Cases The abilities of recent day web site designers are increasing exponentially with new technology. Its quite imperative that you make sure you get the proper web page design for your company. If youre diligent about seeking the perfect web development company, youll keep your site is as good as it could be through the guidance in the designer. The slider case features a unique design which was engineered to solve the iPhone 4 "death grip" reception issue and be used as a protective cover to safeguard the rear glass in the device. The rubberized surround that repairs the reception issue once the phone will be in a certain manner can be a flexible material that is very pliable, yet essential to build a barrier to conduction from your users hand to the phone. Space Invaders - Another classic game (now from 1978) gets an iPhone port in fact it is just as fun to learn today as it was previously (proving which they dont make em like they employed to!) If agree with this youve never played Space Invaders youve missed out, so ensure you pick up this iPhone version pronto! 3. Screen protection. Since the iPhone is a touch screen device, screen protectors really are a top protection selection for many enthusiasts. While the bumper or iPhone case prevents damage from occurring on the exterior corners and edges with the phone, screen protectors prevent surface scratches, cracks and blemishes from happening on the screen in the iphone itself. Without a screen protector, even if you never drop your iPhone youll commence to see tiny scratches and burrs in your screen if used heavily as time passes. Whether an iPhone has monitored so as to make sure a worker or cherished one can be simply located a lot more an unsafe situation, or track childrens using of various iPhone features, or even to assemble evidence regarding employee or marital dishonesty, an iPhone spy app may take advantage of this top features of the communications device to record and monitor all usage and activity.