Easy Muscle Car Maintenance Tips

Keeping Tabs on Your Car Maintenance With increasing car prices, for most of us our vehicle is our most high-priced possession, second and then a home or condo. How can you protect your investment? How can you maintain your car looking like new even if vehicle maintenance isnt your thing? Simple car maintenance and upkeep tips will keep the car showroom ready. As the owner of an automobile, you have to know the correct air pressure which is recommended with the manufacturers. This information is generally entirely on a plaque riveted towards the drivers door. The car manufacturers consider the weight of the vehicle and the sizes of the companys tires for calculating this pressure. 2.) Check engine level coolant - Before leaving your place, it could be advisable to look at the coolant level to avoid any high temperature problem that may lead to engine overheating. When your car starts, the whole process of engine combustion happens and yes it reaches a thousand degrees, specially in the combustion chamber that is certainly in the event the engine coolant works. From the radiator, it passes over the coolant chamber in the engine taking some from the heat off. As it passes with the different coolant or water chamber, it returns from the radiator completing the automotive cooling process. Some units use ordinary tap water but it would be better to use coolant to safeguard your engine. Its a mixture of ordinary tap water which has a special formulated coolant that protect your radiator from the things they usually call "scale" that may damages or clog your radiator. On higher mileage units the little A� inch vacuum pipe that connects the intake manifold on the idling speed valve has a tendency to perish and split or it could even discontinue completely. This will cause your car to hesitate on pull-away and stutter and miss for the second or two but then settles down. The idling can also be erratic along with the engine could even die when stopping. This is such a small item and is also so simple to miss, however in the BMW maintenance tips you may always find the "How to" of items never mentioned elsewhere! The pipe is found, because you stand facing the engine, with the one end sticking out of the idling speed valve. It then ducks under the intake pipes (for the older 1992 - 1993 models) to the intake manifold situated beneath the throttle cable assembly. On the newer models the pipe comes out from the intake manifold plus some inches to the left plugs into the idling speed valve. Just grab the pipe and present it a tug to be sure that it is still OK. It is simple to replace if suspect and expenses only a few cents. Make sure you keep to the maintenance schedule that will be detailed within your cars owners manual. However, dont rely entirely on the for service intervals - some items should be replaced according to time as opposed to mileage. One thing to watch out for is timing belt - most cars need this replacing every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Its not a low priced job, yet its a good deal less than the damage that can be caused. visit link provisional driver insurance learner driver insurance