FARO Laser ScanArm  V3 - 3D Scanning

The FARO Laser ScanArm V3 combines the FaroArm Fusion with the Laser  Line Probe V3. It’s the perfect device for all the users that are looking for a single, convenient solution for probing and scanning tasks of simple surfaces. The FARO Laser ScanArm V3 is a ideal entry level all in one solution which fits perfectly to many surface inspection applications.
Complete measurement solution Uses laser and hard probes seamlessly to  inspect freeform surfaces, increasing the efficiency of inspection processes.
Fully integrated scanning. No need for interface box or external wiring.
Removable Laser Line Probe can be removed for better tactile measurement handling. Wireless scanning-The Laser Line Probe is fully compatible with the Bluetooth® technology used in the FaroArm. Fusion - Ergonomic handle .Provides comfortable stress-free usage.


  • Use laser and hard probes seamlessly
  • Laser scan up to 19,200 points per second
  • No intermediary software running in the background.
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