Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil the lion returns to practice

On Sunday, the vilified dentist who shot the world renown Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe on a poaching expedition after paying $50,000 for guides to lure the lion out of his protected sanctuary, announced he will resume his Bloomington dental practice on Tuesday, reports the

Dr. Walter Palmer, 55, in his first interview since he was identified as the hunter who killed Cecil, stated "I have a lot of staff members, and I'm a little heartbroken at the disruption in their lives. And I'm a health professional. I need to get back to my staff and my patients, and they want me back. That's why I'm back." Palmer insists he hasn't been in hiding, but said he had been keeping a "low profile" for security reasons.

It's been six weeks since Cecil was lured out of the Hwange National Park and killed with Palmer's crossbow. He has not been charged with a crime and still insists the killing was legal, and he and his safari comrades had no idea the 13-year-old lion with the distinctive black mane was a revered and beloved lion known throughout the world. Two Zimbabweans have been charged in the case, and officials want Palmer extradited to face charges. Palmer made no mention whether he would return to Zimbabwe and answer legal questions about the hunt, and as far as the hunt, he only admitted he had initially wounded Cecil and then killed the lion in less time than the 40 hours cited in the news.

During the Sunday interview, Palmer was accompanied by his attorney Joe Friedberg and a public relations consultant. As to news that Zimbabwean authorities want to extradite Palmer, his attorney stated officials with the United States Fish and Wildlife Services have been investigating Cecil's killing, but no responses have yet to be received.

And perhaps the most sickening part of the news comes after Palmer refused to answer what has become of Cecil's body. Public condemnation for the death of Cecil still has tempers running hot and disgust on any measured meter hitting the top of the thermometer. Rest in peace Cecil. The world does miss you.

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