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Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

EDITOR'S CHOICEby Liam Hallam14 months ago

A guide to what to wear for the Spartan Race and other muddy obstacle runs such as Tough Mudder. Including trail running shoe choices, clothing and what to pack in your bag

by Nate3 weeks ago

Are you interested in learning how to get into ultralight backpacking? This article will help you to adhere to the 10 pound base weight limit by outlining gear options.

by Jason Menayan4 months ago

How much can you expect to shell out for a skydive? Read this article to see the average price ranges for a solo or tandem jump and a breakdown of what you're paying for.

by JoshFox4 years ago

We as human beings are all bound by the limits assigned to us by nature. The following article features some people who surpassed these limits and performed acts considered by many as "impossible" or...

by Eliza Rayner13 months ago

Colorado is home to some of the best rock climbing in the world. Check out my top ten sport climbing destinations in the state.

by Richard Arthur10 months ago

Turn you kiting hobby into a dogfight & stunt spectacular with any of these top trick kites. Ill review 6 high performance options & their features to help you find the right one! Read on to fly on!

by Bob Zau4 months ago

The Bug-A-Salt is an air powered, salt shooting, plastic shot gun designed to *safely get rid of flies.

by wellingtonboot7 months ago

If you are a bit of an adrenalin junkie, or perhaps you just want to try out new and exciting hobbies, this page should give you plenty of ideas!

by mikwend3 years ago

Hi! That`s me in the picture doing my best attempt at the human flag after about 2 and a half months worth of training. It all came about after my kids kinda challenged me to learn it so that they could paint me in the...

by Cliff Mendrez3 years ago

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the butt slap? When did it begin? Who started this strange antic? Well, sorry but I'm asking those questions myself. But if you want to learn the art of butt slapping, read on...

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