Korean Wedding Photos At Stripping Secret: Action

1, kiss
Words picture taken when the Angle of the kiss and temperature all want to a lace wedding dresses uk, who said just to watch the bride's wedding photos, this piece of the action of the groom super handsome, JMS must supervise and urge the husband more practice.
Warm prompt: Qingdao photography
Is often like a kiss of the extent of the kiss is the most feeling, after all, Korean wedding photos taking beautiful line, do not rush roar kisses oh, or faces too tight, as this will affect the couple face Angle in the picture.
2, hug
Hug is behind The Times, in the most basic relative how to carry out the mermaid wedding dresses uk, have their wedding photos is different, also needs certain ideas, first look at the characteristics of Korean wedding photos.

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First, travel + wedding photography, easily enjoy shooting
Travel photography is now a growing way.Modelling is not deliberately, makeup is not strong, is given priority to with natural, in the process of outing, easy for their wedding photos, pay attention to keep the couple of the original temperament, clap a beautiful and pure and fresh photos.But newcomer in choosing a travel photography, must pay attention to the arrangement of the trip, especially to confirm one thousand affected by the force majeure factors such as weather, traffic, photo studio is assigned a fully prepared plan, wedding photographs, after all, is a big 

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