See Pros & Cons of Quartz Stone Countertops

Quartz stone as one kind of engineered stone does not have some shortcoming like natural stone such as marble stone and granite stone. Quartz stone countertops are resistant to cracks and chips, nice and more natural looking than other kinds of solid surface countertops. Quartz stone of non-porous structure can resists the stains better than the natural stone surfaces. Bacterial is hard to get place to hide.


Due to its non-porous surface, quartz stone countertops do not require upkeep and sealing that marble and granite needs. Quartz stone is resistant to scratch, mold, even the chemical. Quartz stone is also resistant to stains such as tomato, wine, juices, and coffee. Quartz stone ranks high in the global engineered solid surface market.

Quartz stone as engineered stone can supply you multiple colors, either plain or mixed, but not as many variations as natural stone. Quartz stone countertops can supply you a timeless appeal, you can renovate your kitchen as desired.


There is o doubt that quartz stone is high end engineered stone such as solid surface materials, so it may cost you more than other stone countertops for quartz stone requires professional installation. So if you want to buy quartz stone, you had better get the installation cost into your budget.

If you like the random veining and nature’s colors in granite stone and marble stone, then quartz stone may let you down. Quartz stone contains natural quartz volume, and resins. For the resin volume, quartz stone might fade if exposed to heavy sunshine. Quartz stone is heat-resistant, but it is weaker than granite stone or concrete, so before you want to place hot pot on the surface, just remember to get a pad for it.

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