Why add food additives to foods?

Why add food additives to foods?

The total number of food additives has more than 14000 around the world, and there are 4000 kinds for direct use and 10000 kinds are for indirect use. Different types of additives have different roles, specifically the functions are as follows: extend food preservation to prevent deterioration; improve the sensory properties of food to facilitate the development of new varieties of food and food processing operations; maintain or improve the nutritional value of foods; reduce costs; satisfy other special needs or functions.

Food additives not only have characteristics of antioxidants and colorants, but also have effectiveness of nutrition enhancer. In order to have people eat more diverse and eat healthier, food additives plays a significant role. Actually, food additives are innocent. As long as the manufacturers adhere to the food safety law, people may change their attitude toward food additives, and they can serve us better.

What is food additives? Food additives, as the name suggests, is to add certain substances in food. Codex Committee of the United Nations define food additives as "intentionally added to food in order to improve the food flavor, appearance, organization structure and storage properties of non-nutritive substances. That is to say no additives, no modern food industry. They bring enormous convenient to people's daily life.

Why add food additives to foods? This cannot be separated from the specific function of food additives. Different additives have different functions. Such as antioxidant, it is an important part of the food additive. It prevents food ingredients deterioration due to the oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that makes electronic transfer of material to the oxidant, free radicals can be produced in the process, and then start a chain reaction to destroy cells. While, antioxidants can remove free radicals, terminate the chain reaction, oxide itself and inhibiting other oxidation reactions.

To ensure food additive safety, the enterprise's social responsibility and conscience should be strengthened. Thousands of food additives manufacturing company are around the world, and the safety is the first thing. We can not deny the life with food additives. After all, our life is surrounded by them. If food suppliers want to offer safe and health food, they should be cautious to choose the additive suppliers. There are online food suppliers for them, a reliable supplier can guarantee the quality. Taste and health are all the way important, we'd like to select the appropriate balance between the taste and health, and health may be what we want most.