What is M-Anisidine?

  M-Anisidine one of the three isomers of anisidine. It is very poisonous for the blood leading to pink coloration of the skin and inner suffocation. Additionally its vapors are irritating to eyes, mucous membranes, the respiratory system and skin.

  A series of terpolymers were synthesized by the chemical oxidative polymerization of m-phenylenediamine (MPD), o-anisidine (AS), and 2,3-xylidine (XY) in hydrochloride aqueous medium. The yield, intrinsic viscosity, and solubility of the terpolymers were studied by changing the MPD/AS/XY molar ratio from 100/0/0 to 53/39/8 to 0/100/0.

  It was discovered that the MPD/AS/XY terpolymers exhibit a higher polymerization yield and better solubility than MPD/AS and MPD/XY bipolymers having the same MPD molar content.

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